Ascention Aromatics

amethyst mist

Historical Uses:

Used in the oldest medicine of Ayurvedic. East Indians used Amethyst to overcome Karma. The Hebrews used it to represent courage, justice and self-discipline.  Associated to the Violet flame and has attributes of the Violet Flame, ie: Love and Trust. Used in  Alchemy to symbolize the creative fire of God. Transforms and purifies lower energies into higher energies.


  • A Powerful Ancient healer, for body, mind and spirit
  • Transmutes lower energies into higher energies
  • Clears and transmutes distortion of the Crown Chakra 

    Amethyst is an ancient method of healing.  It deals with; the emotional, the spiritual, the intellectual and physical body.

    Benefits for adults using Amethyst Mist:

    • cleanses and purifies strength
    • restructures and renews
    • transforms lower energies into higher vibrations
    • protects against physic manipulation
    • strengthens the physical body 
    • enhances mental clarity and will power
    • helps to control negative patterns and bad habits
    • enhances greater love
    • improves memory
    • helps alleviate headaches
    • helps to calm and induce sleep
    • aids in providing calm for channeling 
    • quiets the mind
    • helps control emotional temperament 

    Benefits for children using Amethyst Mist:

    • can help alleviate nightmares and promote better sleep
    • assists with impatience or intolerance
    • Amethyst assists in providing clarity to see what is required for positive change
    • can lift depression
    • assists with overcoming trust issues

    Benefits for Pets using Amethyst Mist:

    • calms and supports pets with anxiety and low self esteem

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