Ascention Aromatics

Emerald Mist


Compassion & The Physical Heart
* Very powerful Emotional Balancer *

It has been known for millennia that Emerald is vital to the necessities of Healing. Emerald was first used in Atlantis and then in the temples of Egypt for healing. Used in ancient times as a blood de-toxifier and Anti Poison.


  • Stabilizes the Personality or the Ego, i.e.: if the Ego is getting out of control.
  • Alleviates unknown, hidden fears, i.e.: I’m afraid but I don’t know what I am afraid of. Prosperity, patience, balance. 
  • Represents the Divine within you, i.e.: Love expressed, compassion for another. Unites Souls. Strengthens relationships out of connection.


  • Refreshing clarity.
  • Uplifts and Amplifies thoughts,
  • Uplifting into the higher spiritual insights.


  • Strengthens the Heart, kidneys, the liver, immune and nervous system.
  • Helps with Breath and Breathing.
  • Supports Pancreas and Diabetes (blood sugars).
  • Supports a Detox
  • Eyesight, Insomnia and Dreams.

“ I AM consciously using the Sacred Oil of Emerald to align my path as I strengthen my
heart and calm my mind and stabilize my personality. I use this oil to increase the
potentials of divinity within my heart, prosperity, love, kindness and patience. I ask for
guidance from the Holy Trinity, Elohim, the Ascended Masters and my Spirit Guides”.

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