divinity ring


The "Ring" evokes many names due to its powerful and multifaceted energy patterns.

This ring is considered a vortex creator and balances out the energies of magnetic, electric, magneto-electric and resonance. Ultimately providing you a tool to help bring about the balance that is required to achieve while on this journey. Each of us is typically stronger in one field and in order to achieve balance, one must learn to master the skills of each energetic force. 

The Divinity Ring also creates balance between Momentum- time- space- energy. Be in the right time and space with energy(potential) and momentum(kinetic)

The Krystaline Divinity Ring utilizes the principles of sacred geometry and piezoelectric fields. Each Ring is hand crafted with brass rod and is then plated with various precious metals. Two options are provided for the final layer of plating - 24 carat gold or platinum. Gold provides a feminine energy while the platinum provides a masculine energy. At different times, we will resonate more to one than the other.

The Divinity Rings are effective in pairs - a gold and a platinum ring together create a powerful electrical field ( like a battery) which can be very beneficial. 

Wayne, the creator of Krystaline, considered the following possibilities for naming it: the Divinity Ring, the Cosmic Cross, the Cosmic Bridge, and the Chakra Bridge. He calls it the Divinity Ring and suggests that you describe your ring by a name that resonates with you. 



Place this ring anywhere on your body. Typical places to put it would be your heart or navel.

Put one ring on the front and one on the back to go for a real ride! 

Do you provide ceremonies? Place this Divinity Ring in your circle, with your herbs or other ceremonial items in order to enhance the experience and bring balance to the elements of your ceremony.

Try experimenting with placing your instruments of essential oils, herbs, gemstones, crystals etc inside the ring or on top of the ring.

This ring quickly enhances your ability to connect to your eight energy centre through the 1000 petal lotus. Something only a seasoned energy/ resonance field should attempt. 

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