T Zone

HE-90 Vibration Machine

$415 $509

The perfect at-home gym and wellness machine

TZone Vibration have been an integral part of our clinical treatments for years. Many of our clients, having seen the results, are now wanting this Vibration Machine in their home or office to be a daily part of their wellness regime. 

The HE-90 is the newest offering and is sleek and very portable - only 35lbs.  This has the quality craftsmanship of the larger models with the ease and simplicity for your home gym, office or professional practice.

Any exercise you can do on the floor you can do on your vibration machine. Just standing is a workout! Designed with a large LED display.


• Assist In Weight Loss
• Increase Muscle Strength
• Tone And Firm Muscles
• Improve Flexibility
• Increase Metabolism
• Decrease Cellulite Visibility • Improve Mobility
• Improve Coordination
• Provide Increased Energy
• Massage Muscles
• Low Impact – Kind To Joints

Want more information? 

watch this video from Erica’s favourite Chiropractor  


Slips under a bed or in a closet when not in use.


High Performance Motor
Machine Size: 68 x 39 x 14 cm
Speed Range: 1-99
Time: Up To 10 Minutes
Display: Large Easy To Read LED Display Featuring Time, Speed, 9 Pre-program Options
Vibration: See-saw Motion To Simulate Walking
Amplitude: 0-12 mm
Maximum Load: 150kg/330lb

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