sun ring


Our most pure energy field to nurture our energy centres with is the sun energy, our Father energy. The sun ring fills a space with light duplicating the bandwidth of the sun

This krystaline sun ring loves to hang on a primary wall in the home to cast its power into the field. Place a 9" sun ring on the wall and fill the entire building with the frequency of the sun and give clarity to the air you are breathing.

The sun ring is also a broadcaster, whatever you put in the ring broadcast to the whole space. For example, the ring amplifies the properties of your supplements or medications and gives it a large bio-energy field of over 30 ft (with a 9" ring) when placed inside the ring on a countertop. 

Assimilation of food or beverage is 2.5 to 7 times better and the food becomes easier to eliminate. When you charge your food this much your body is going to recognize the food much better and the body is able to get rid of the chemicals better. 

The 4" sun ring is great for very local types of issues like bodily pain however the 9" sun ring, made with sacred geometry (on a nodal point), gives you a resonant opening frequency higher than any other shape. It also makes it possible to work the body much faster and completely smoke the auric field for a floating effect.

It is also extremely beneficial in amplifying the Chakras or what we like to refer to as Sun centres, and Wayne suggests putting the sun ring on the first or root sun centre.

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