Samedhi Tree

Anti-MFP Herbal Remedy


Anti-MFP is designed to cleanse the body of Mold, Fungus and Parasites. 

Enjoy this specific blend that has been designed by a local Calgarian Chinese Medicine Doctor and we share it because of the amazing benefits.


Many skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis are a build up of mold, fungus and parasites. Literally change your skin with regular use of this remedy.

This remedy can help to avoid thrush in baby's from the mother's milk and help keep the baby's skin clear. 

Experiencing random weird pains can also be linked to MFP issues and many clients have reported their aches and pains have gone away.

Bowel issues with elimination problems like diarrhea? The Anti-MFP blend can be a miracle worker for you. 


Disclaimer **This product is not intended to replace medical advice and is used at the discretion of the user. 



Goldenseal 150mg, Berberine HCL 100mg, Grapefruit seed extract 57.5 mg, Black Walnut 50 mg, Burdock Root 30mg, Olive Leaf 30 mg


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