Venus and her lovely lines



To begin our work in
Chan’beauté we use the
smooth sphere of detector
no101, which also helps
the first time client to get
used to having the tools used
on their face.
In seven steps, we will start by opening the lymph
nodes to promote lymph flow and end by closing them.
The tools must be used with sufficient pressure to heat the area, but never
damage the skin. If two Beauty pads are available repeat every movement ten to twenty
times on both sides of the face simultaneously. If only one pad is used, start on the right
It only takes a few minutes and provides the following benefits:
ཞ Prevent fluid retention.
ཞ Facilitate the removal of
large molecules of fat.
ཞ Eliminate toxins.

ཞ Activate the immune system.
ཞ Activate blood and
lymphatic circulation.
ཞ Improve skin appearance.

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The face is your pathway to discover a new network of energetic connections

Professor Châu