Little Yin/Yang Hammer | Nº128


Highly recommended for stress management, the yin-yang hammer is a well-rounded tool that brings fast relief.  Excellent for beginners as an alternative to the detector for precisely stimulating painful points on the face.

Alternation between the effects is clinically proven to accelerate results. The little hammer can be used to treat multiple disorders, alternating between yin and yang stimulation.

For example, in the case of kidney stones, very good results are obtained by continual tapping about 300 times a day with the rubber yang end. The yang end is used to stimulate the reflex points of the kidneys on the forehead.  Extremely gentle tapping on the temples using the yin end with its small spikes is recommended for headache.  The yin-yang hammer can also be used to teach the possibility of self-treatment without having to be in front of a mirror.




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