Ascention Aromatics

Selenite Mist


The use of Selenite is Centuries old, was used by the Scribes and Light workers to stimulate the 2nd Chakra to SEE, i.e.: to retrieve the Akashic records. Selenite allowed a lifting up into the trans positional point above the head to allow the individual to hold focus in the higher consciousness, while, at the same time, keeping their feet on the ground.
Physical & Emotional Benefits:
Strengths the body….Selenite is Gypsum, associated to the bones and the teeth of the body, while it soothes the nerves. Positive effect on the brain, while it gives clarity and concentration. Attunes the user to the higher awareness of the body. Allows the individual to see into the body with the intent to heal the body. When an individual is in fear the sight is clouded. Selenite clears the “sight” of fear. Very Powerful. Awakens the Kundalini and the life force of the body.

Physical benefits:

  • Helps with Osteoporosis and the circulatory system.
  • Transmutes and fragments Fear. Provides protection from fear and fear mongering.
  • Very much associated to the skeleton and supports of the body, ie” bones/teeth of the physical body.
  • Has a positive effect like an armor to protect the body. When a person is afraid, they often feel weak at the ‘knees” and weakening of the body. Selenite will strengthen the core of the body and protect the body, while releasing the fear.
  • It awakens Kundalini or LIFE FORCE of the body.
  • Significantly will help with Osteoporosis. Provides the ability to “see” into the higher awareness of your body with the intent to heal the trauma, i.e.: The user would then maybe reach for the Rose Quartz and let that wound be healed.

“I hereby do affirm that I AM using the Sacred Oil of Selenite. I consciously align my
path into the higher dimensions, into the higher light, using the Kundalini, using my
higher consciousness as I find the trans positional point above my head, as a portal or
Gateway. This oil assists me to go higher. I ask for guidance from the source Trinity,
from the Elohim, the Ascended Masters, from the Angelic Kingdom.“

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