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Course Syllabus

  • The Origins of Dien Chan: The history of Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu’s discovery of Dien Chan.

  • Inspirations and Theory: Specific philosophy's behind the original method of facial reflexology.

  • Skin care and face reflexology, Chan’beauté: Understand the relationship between skin health and overall wellness. Understand the effects that may be caused by invasive aesthetic surgical procedures and how to obtain results with natural, gentle Chan’beauté treatments.

  • The main Chan’beauté diagrams: How to interpret the facial diagrams of multireflexology – Dien Chan for aesthetic purposes in order to reach the origin of a disorder. For example, furrows between the eyes, wrinkles, scars, marks or spots, etc.

  • Diagram Projection: Discover how to project the major diagrams and maps on any face. Analyze how to use the diagrams (yin-yang or Penfield) depending on the client’s issue.

  • Diagram Use: How to effectively utilize the many reflexology diagrams by properly reflecting them on the face therefore being able to do proper facial diagnostics.

  • Understand the Dien Chan language: Being able to translate your own concerns into the terminology necessary to benefit from both TCM and Western studies for a complete treatment.

  • Using the Yang~yin prelude: Applying the concepts of yin and yang to reduce the visibility of scars, fine lines and acne.

✔︎ What you can expect to learn: Client Care Basics + Treatment Room Essentials
  • Integrate the 8 principles of treatment guidelines in Dien Chan: Understand how these fundamental principles (which are based on the idea that no one rule governs pain or illness) can create a pathway to address a client’s condition. Observe new ways to use the diagrams and maps in order to find solutions for the condition being treated.

  • Understand the Dien Chan language: Further our discussion around being able to translate your client’s concerns into the terminology necessary to benefit from both TCM and Western practices for a complete treatment.

  • Stimulation technique: Learn the most effective and technically correct form of the ‘detection’ technique with the multireflex tools for client comfort, therapeutic relief and credible diagnostics. Learn stimulation techniques including guided hands-on practice with the multireflex tools.

  • In-class practice of delivery: Yang Yin Protocol will be applied in a professional setting. Transforming + unique Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques for ultimate results by treating the origins of imperfection that are visible on the face or skin. Use the multireflex tools to learn the practical method to perform specific Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques and protocols.

    • Several essential protocols:

      • Discover how to fade hyperpigmentation, skin spots and treat moles.

      • Incorporate how to treat new and old scars to recover the elasticity of the skin and fade keloids (thickened, raised marks formed from scar tissue). Including a body treatment for Cesarean scars.

      • Learn the importance of reconstructing the area to recover the energy flow interrupted by a scar.

      • Understand how emotional stress, caused when the scar occurred, may make it hard for a client and a gentle approach is needed.

  • 12 morning massages: We will break down a simple method to tone the body, for use by both therapist and client. Learn how to incorporate them into everyday life.