Become a true Care Designer!!

Dien Chan is an instrument, learn to compose the music you want.


The International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) has been in operation since 2002, with its teachers reaching worldwide.

The School has taught thousands of students the art known as Dien Chan.

All facial reflexology's are inspired by Dien Chan and proposes only one facet of the technique.
But the ISMDC team strongly believes that you can become a care designer.

This is why it is more profitable to learn the original method, to be able to customize your approach and to adapt it precisely to each client.

 What is Dien chan?

You might have already seen the foot reflexology chart. However, unlike classical reflexology, Dien Chan proposes a set of reflection diagrams with specific points on the face to compose a multireflexology network. These diagrams breakdown different aspects of the body to help you see even smaller and more finite reflexes offered by our face.

This multi-dimensional approach allows us to create even more precise and customizable treatments.
We combine stimulations with yin and yang effects on the different reflex zones as well as detection of precise facial points.

Many disorders are caused by blockages interrupting the natural movements of blood, lymph and energy in general. The fact that we are working on the face —so close to the brain, explains why we succeed so fast and profound results.

Dien Chan is an efficient way to manage a lot of imbalances, creating proper energy flow throughout all organs and the entire body.

A natural method, compatible with all medicines!

What is Chan'beaute?

As explained above, Dien Chan treatments combine many diagrams of reflection and formulas composed by bqc·points.

Using specially designed multireflex tools, we manage to generate yin or yang effects, according to the issue we are dealing with. 


With almost 20 years experience, the skin improvements observed from regular Dien Chan sessions were remarkable.


The yin and yang effects of the multireflex tools with highly effective gestures produce visible enhancements to get rid of skin imperfections.

Chan❜beauté was naturally born from those observations after years of treating patients and sharing results with professionals that have already incorporated Dien Chan into their practice.

Our research department decided in 2006 to compile all those results into protocols dedicated to natural aesthetics. We call this new modern technique Chan❜beauté because we want to focus on the therapeutic dimension of all the procedures.

Knowing that the «chan» concept from «Dien Chan» means diagnostic and treatment at the same time, we eloquently added the glamorous word «beauté» (beauty in French) to obtain Chan❜beauté!

Chan❜beauté invites you to reach the root cause and to rebalance the origin of the imperfection expressed on the skin.

Chan❜beauté is now breaking the boundaries of modern aesthetic.

Learning to accomplish yin or yang stimulation will allow you to enrich your designed treatments exponentially.