double yin facial roller ✦ nº308


This tool can be used on the face and the body. It consists of two rollers with rounded prongs that generate yin effects on the area to be treated. Despite its appearance, it is very gentle. The handle and the size of the rollers make it easy to stimulate many reflex areas on the face with a light, neat movement.  The double mini yin roller can also be used locally to treat and stimulate the extremities and other areas of the body (neck, knees, wrists, ankles, etc.).

Highly effective for cooling and relaxing the treated area, the double mini yin roller can be used for many disorders.  This yin tool mobilizes blood and lymph micro circulation.  It promotes joint lubrication by activating body fluids. In cases of pain accompanied by heat, roll for about 3 minutes for relief. If the sensation is one of cold, use the yang version of the tool, the double mini yang ball, Nº307.  It can be used at least once a day.

This tool, used for beauty treatments, complements processes begun with the double mini yang ball.  It smooths wrinkles, drains retained liquid and nourishes facial muscles. 
The combination of the two tools is essential for in-depth, lasting results.  The double mini yin roller is highly recommended for dry skin that has lost its firmness and shows signs of flaccidity.

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