triple pyramid system


A superior addition to the triple pyramids, made with the same allows but with a few upgrades. The Triple Pyramid System is light and is easily portable, careful attention is required because of its delicate nature. If dropped, some parts may need to be re-glued. 

Energy Components in the Triple Pyramid System

THREE PYRAMIDS : made of copper and brass
PRANIC BATTERY :   from Platinum and Gold plating.
ORGONE FIELD:   layered metals are taken to the 4th Octave
TACHYON ENERGY:  generated by the  tachyon bead in the system
SHUNGITE :  the sphere and the pyramid generate ions. Their geometry provides        a masculine/feminine balance.
DIVINITY Ring:  balances 4 forces
  1. Air, Earth Fire, Water
  2. Electrical, Magnetic, Magneto-electric, Resonant Fields
  3. Time, Space, Energy , Momentum
  4. Intent, Energy, Direction, Acceptance
  5. Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart
All culminating in a zero point field
PHOTONS: Generated by Full Spectrum Lights

Some of the Benefits Experienced With the Triple Pyramid System

    • More connection and integration of my 3 Energy Templates
    • Increased bioenergy field of food and beverage
    • Food tastes better and Digests better
    • Less Supplements Required
    • Less pain
    • Less sleep required
    • More energy
    • Improved mental clarity
    • Improved relaxation ability
    • Expanded auric field
    • More Heart Presence
    • More 8th Chakra Connections
    • Feeling of Greater Wellbeing
    • More Zest for LIFE
    • The  ability to more  effectively program my own remedies
    • Increased Oxygen Saturation  - tested at 99%

Some Ways to Use the Triple Pyramid System

  1. Charge your Food and Beverage
  2. Charge Supplements, Creams, Oils, Cosmetics
  3. Leave it plugged in and it acts as an Air Freshener. Ours is left on in the daytime in the bedroom and in the kitchen.
  4. Plants: Plug it in and leave it aimed at your plants. Our cactus that was ailing is now thriving.
  5. Use directly on your body:
    • You can do sweeps  over your  chakras( energy centres)
    • Place it on your body over your energy centres.
    • Place it on any area of your body that has pain
    • Place it on any area  of your body that feels restricted.
    • Plug  it in and sit in its energy field while you rest or work.
    • Hold it above your head for 8thenergy centre connection
  1. Sound Therapy: it enhances the sound and carries the frequencies while you listen to music. Place the Triple pyramid……??
  2. Enhances Meditation

Some of the Awareness Frequencies that are Programmed into the Shungite

  • Heart Mind:  to build  a stronger  magnetic field
  • Heart: Correction for bifractional echo
  • Blood: Oxygen plus Iron 60 directed to Hemoglobin
  • Collagen activation
  • Telomeres: NAD,NMN & Niacin  directed to the telomeres
  • Bones: Calcium weave
  • Endocrine Organs: connect and harmonize them
  • Immunity Boosters: ie. Silver & oxygen raised to the 6th octave
  • Neural Nets: energy to harmonize them
  • Mercury Antidote: to the 6th octave
  • Tree of Life for connection to Terra
  • Flower of Life: the basic pattern for the unfoldment of creation
  • Elixir of Life: Ambrosia
  • Oxygen activation: through the Divinity Ring



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