triple pyramid


The ultimate grounding tool. Aimed at the feet we bring in the zero chakra, a chakra that easily shifts off to the side and can even be felt across the room. Within a few seconds you will feel the sychronization and a re-alignment. 

On areas of weakness (after a surgery or accident or scar tissue) the auric field can appear grey. Use the pyramid to sweep over the weak area for as long as desired. 

As a practitioner, angle the pyramid facing up slightly and move through the central meridian

Once you have done the front and back, come to the sides and point the pyramid towards the zero chakra at the feet and then zig zag your way up the body. When you feel some heavier energy along the pathway, you are probably feeling an attachment, at this point do some feathering techniques pulling the attachment away from the body requesting both Devas and Ethers to go in for some healing. 

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