Ascention Aromatics

lapis lazuli mist


Lapis Lazuli Mist is the strongest/master cleanser of the Gemstones, ie: cleanses mind, body and spirit of Negative and Toxic thoughts.  Cleanses Toxins and detoxifies the body– ie:  pesticides).  Very powerful, associated to the 3rd Eye.


Lapis is an “Off World Stone”.  Was a star seed brought to Earth from Arcturia as the great Moldavite comet came thru the Galaxy. * Highly prized and valued by the Egyptians (only the Pharos and High Priest’s had access to it). 

Was used and worn by the Pharos in ancient Egypt to access higher knowledge and expand their spiritual mind and open up to the higher guidance.   To connect into the higher self and being, to their guides. Egyptians looked to the stars, they were star gazers. They had knowledge of the Earth, that our era is only recently aware of. 

Egyptians believed that when they left the physical world that they went to the stars.  “As above, So Below” is their prayer, their words and message.   Often worn in the headdress at the level of the third Eye.  The gold flex’s represents the Source, the Creator.                

Emotional Benefits: 

  • Mental and Spiritual cleanser.  Lapis penetrates the illusions/ego of the mind.  
  • Uplifting, opening to the higher guidance.
  • Very beneficial for creativity, writing and Dream work.     
  • Helps aid in shyness (mental block)

Physical Benefits

  • Very beneficial to use as an Elixir to drink and added to the bath at the same time (cleansed inside and out).
  • Strengthens the immune system. 
  • Relives tension and anxiety.  
  • Assists and augments strength, virility *
  • Helps ease restlessness, insomnia 
  • Good for the Pituitary and assisting the Lymphatic System. 
  • Women need more cleansing then men.  When women have an abundance of toxins in the body it is a trigger for Breast Cancer, Lapis is a deterrent and preventative as an Elixir or in Sacred Bathing. 


“I do hereby affirm that I AM using the sacred oil Lapis Lazuli to consciously align my path while I access my ancient sacred knowledge as in the ancient Egyptians where it was used for mental clarity, illumination and communication with the higher self.  I ask for guidance from the Holy Trinity invoking Ascended Masters and my Higher Self"

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