Ascention Aromatics

citrine mist


Citrine Mist the GEM of Personal Power & Manifestation
Emotional: Addictions, Personal and intellectual power.
Physical: Endurance, digestion, de-toxifing, food allergies. Mental focus & Studying


One of the older crystals. In ancient times it was thought of as crystal gold because of its amber/gold colour. St. Germain used it to heal internal disturbances for those who are not aware of “Self”


  • A predictive power. Very crystalline. Attracts abundance, due to connectiveness to the Crystalline vibration power. '
  • Helps adjust out of external disturbances and live in the power of the eternal spirit (the higher alignment to know yourself.
  • Guides individuals out of the external entrapment, while attracting the abundance of the Universe, because you are One with the Universe.
  • Citrine connects you to the Power of the Crystals of the Earth. It activates the personal power and the physical manifestation.
  • Detoxifies the physical body, emotional and mental bodies.
  • People with addictions are on a self-destructive path. Citrine diminishes this need for eternal self-destruction by raising self-esteem.
  • Good oil for business, ie: drop on a Fifty dollar bill attracts more $50.00 bills. For merchants to attract and maintain income that builds at a steady pace.

“I do hereby affirm that I AM using the Citrine Oil to consciously align my path as I am
detoxifying physically, intellectually, emotionally with the use of this oil. Citrine enhances healing energies, raising my self esteem. A powerful alignment and I ask for guidance from the holy Trinity, the Elohim, the Ascended Masters, from the Angelic Kingdom and from my higher self.”

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